My Philosophy

My commitment to clients is to provide the highest quality in care, using only evidence-based therapeutic techniques. My theoretical approach is cognitive-behavioral, which means that treatment involves changing thoughts and behaviors to influence and improve how you feel.

Numerous clinical research studies have supported the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. It is on the basis of these research studies that cognitive-behavioral therapy is considered state of the art and is widely viewed as the most effective psychological treatment for anxiety and mood difficulties (for more details, visit the "CBT Resources" page of this website). This evidence basis distinguishes cognitive-behavioral therapy from other forms of psychological treatments.


I have been certified as an expert in cognitive-behavioral therapy by the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behaviour Therapies (CACBT). This certification requires, among other things, formal and extensive training in CBT and multiple years of experience in cognitive-behavioral therapy through clinical work, publication, teaching and/or supervision of others.

What this means is that I only use treatments and approaches that are shown to be effective by scientific research and are viewed as best practice. What makes my philosophy different is that I do not attempt to treat a broad range of psychological problems using a variety of therapy techniques in an "eclectic" approach to treatment. Rather than knowing a little bit about a lot of different treatments (many of which are not supported by research) and many different psychological conditions, my approach is to specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapy and treat only a limited scope of conditions - stress, anxiety disorders and depression.

I also believe in the importance of disseminating information to the general public and that people should have free and easy access to evidence-based resources. That is why I have created a resource library (accessible through the "Resource Library" page) with a wealth of downloadable, free information sheets, workbooks and videos to provide information about cognitive-behavioral therapy, anxiety, depression and stress. The resource library is always being updated with new content, so please check back frequently.


If you are looking for a psychologist who specializes in evidence-based treatments for anxiety and depression, please feel free to give me a call. I hope you will take some time to explore my website and that you will find the information both interesting and useful.


Dr. Rami Nader, Registered Psychologist
CACBT Certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy